Not a Fan of Obamacare? Here Is the Option!

Haven`t you had enough of dealing with Health Insurance Companies?…

Having health coverage is a big benefit for any one of us in a world where just one serious illness may cause you to lose your home. This is the major reason why most of us are ready to pay a quarter of our income for health insurance. It gives a feeling of security for you and your family in case bad luck knocks on your door. Another reason is the Affordable Care Act that has been signed into law in 2010.

There are so many health insurance companies on the market with many different options, and you can always find the one most suitable for you. But all of them have something in common: THEY WILL ALWAYS MAKE MONEY NO MATTER WHAT. Health insurance is business and that’s what business is about. They can care less about you, your family and your health. They will raise your premiums if they had a bad year or they can just drop you when you need them the most. Insurance companies will drive our health care providers nuts by delaying payment for their services (till the point when the doctors can`t wait any more and are ready to take any amount just to stay in business).

But have you ever imagined a world without having to pay to insurance companies and still have health coverage?… And how much it would actually cost you just to pay for YOUR HEALTH COVERAGE not insurance company profits, advertisements, taxes and employees… ?

It is possible with the concept created by regular people for people – HEALTH CARE SHARING!

According to Wikipedia ‘A health care sharing ministry is an organization that facilitates sharing of health care costs between individual members who have common ethical or religious beliefs in the United States. The concept of neighbor helping neighbor, it has been around since the birth of early church, and it`s quiet simple. Members contribute a certain amount every month (the amount depends on their sharing option), the money are allocated in a fund which was created specifically for member’s needs, should any of them meet medical expenses eligible for sharing, the money from this fund will pay it.

Of course there are laws and regulations put on those ministries, such as they must be 501(c)(3) or ‘non-for-profit’ organization; members must have common beliefs or philosophy; they must not discriminate membership based on state of residence or employment; must have existed and been in practice continually since December 31, 1999. There are some different health sharing ministries in United States, and they have different beliefs, different policies, and options for their members and guidelines for sharing. Over all the amount of people sharing medical costs is… Be ready… 300,000!

And it is no wonder because savings on health coverage are amazing! You can get it literally for $100 a month, but of course there are different options offered.

After the Affordable Care Act took place, healthcare sharing organizations are getting more and more popular. So, either join the movement or stick with good old health insurance`s expensive premiums. It’s only up to you! But it might be helpful to know that there is another option for you to pick from, when it comes to having to make a decision about your health coverage. We are all going to have to make this choice sooner or later.

An Indonesian Drug Fight

Indonesia is probably not one of the countries you think of when world leaders are spoken about. Indonesia is a nation of islands, more than 17,000 of them. It lies north of Australia, and south of the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia. It’s fourth largest in population (after China, India, and the United States), but only fifteenth in area (larger than Alaska but smaller than Mexico).

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, with a population of over 10 million people. According to the Indonesian National Narcotics Agency (BNN), at least 7 percent of Jakarta’s population, or more than 490,000 people, were drug addicts, according to agency data. This is several times higher than the BNN’s own target for bringing the number of drug users in cities and nationwide to less than 2.8 percent of the population. The number of drug addicts could rise even higher without coordinated efforts by the BNN and other government agencies and civil society groups to prevent the addiction from growing.

Changes in the Law

The government has issued legislation exempting users and addicts from prosecution if they voluntarily turn themselves in for rehabilitation. The policy is part of a wider program to keep drug users out of the country’s already seriously overcrowded jails. The Justice Ministry, which oversees the penal system, has acknowledged that 40 percent of the country’s prisoners have been locked up for drug offenses.

Earlier this year the Indonesian government started a Fighting Against Drugs Movement, to observe the International Anti-drugs Day 2013. “The fight against drugs has been declared because drug abuse is our common problem that has a negative impact on social security and public health,” according to the Social Affairs Minister`s Secretary General. “Every year there is an increase in one percent of new drug users as a result of less effective management and limited rehabilitation centers.” The Fighting Against Drugs Movement will be put into action with the various governors and areas across the country.

Rehab Centers are Key

The Indonesian government wants to change that lack of rehab centers. The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) plans to build two new narcotics rehabilitation centers in Batam and Samarinda. They anticipate a jump in demand for drug rehab, as narcotics misuse in Indonesia has increased in the last few years. The centers would each have the capacity to accommodate 200 patients. The BNN’s director for rehabilitation institution improvement, Dominggus Sarambu, said that the government had prepared budgetary allocations for the development of the rehabilitation centers worth $5.15 million each. The projects are scheduled to begin this year. Currently, all drug users seeking rehabilitation treatment from the provinces are sent to Lido in West Java. Two other centers are also planned. The idea is to make it easier for the patients to receive treatment near where they live.

Punishment of Drug Users

Indonesia has had a reputation of treating drug abusers harshly. Critics of the government’s tough approach to drug users have long advocated for more lenient treatment of those not accused of drug trafficking or production. There now seems to be more emphasis on handling the addict through rehabilitation, as opposed to more medieval forms of punishment. Harsh punishment does not educate the drug addict, other than “getting caught equals pain.” Rehabilitation can keep the former addict from regressing back into drugs.

Energy and Sanitation in France

Any discussion of energy and sanitation in France inevitably leads to the production of electricity from various sources and the attempts by national and local authorities to satisfy public demand for water and sewage facilities. At present the country depends heavily on energy production from nuclear power while water and sewage constantly occupy the minds and deliberations of the authorities’ and the people.

Energy, water and sewage

The importance of energy, water and sewage for the health of a country’s population requires constant vigilance to ensure that the health and livelihood of the population is not jeopardized. France is no exception.

Electricity generation

The main electricity generation company in France is √Člectricit√© de France (EDF), which generates and distributes power supplies in the country. The company was formed as a result of government’s nationalization policies in 1946 which saw a number of energy producers, transporters and distributors being forced out of business in favor of a single government majority owned entity to supply energy for the country.

The company is now a limited-liability company corporation with government retaining substantial ownership in the company.

Renewable energy

The use of solar energy in France is gaining in popularity due to the decline in their prices and the introduction of government subsidies that were introduced in 2006 to foster the marketing of panels. Additionally, the generation of energy from the power of water has maintained its popularity with 3 hydroelectric dams in operation: the Equzon dam, Etang de Loulcem and the Lac de Vouglans.

The generation of power from the prevailing winds in France will shortly add volume to the amount of electricity produced from renewable sources. The president of the country confirmed the first tendering process on January 2011 to build the first of France’s offshore wind farms. The farms, which will be built off the Atlantic coast, are expected to generate 3GW of electricity. The building of another farm for generating a similar voltage will be processed in 2012.

Energy production by source

About 74.5% of total electricity production is generated by nuclear fission while hydroelectric power provides 16.2%. Electricity generation by thermal energy provides 9.2% and wind power together with other renewable sources generating a low 0.1% though the figure is expected to increase in the future.


Treatment: The task of treating water supply, sewerage and wastewater belongs to the municipal authorities of France. In 2008, there were 15,250 water treatment plants and 17,300 wastewater treatment plants. About one million tons of sludge is produced from the treatment of wastewater and half is used in agriculture. The total length of the sewer and water network in France measures about 800,000 km.

Sources: France gets its supply of water from surface water and underground water. Surface water is provided by manmade canals such as the Canal de Marseille which runs through Coudoux, supplying? of Marseille’s drinking water from the Durance River. Underground water is obtained from wells by pumping to the surface. The total domestic use of water in France is about 6 billion cubic meters or only 3% of total runoff which is around 191 billion cubic meters. Most of the drinking water supply comes from groundwater (62%) while surface runoff provides 38%.

Access: A survey carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1995 indicated that 370,000 permanent residents in rural areas or 0.5% of the total population had access to piped water supplies. Their supply is derived from 30,000 water sources, mostly wells. However, government plans to increase the access rate to 100%, improve the quality of water by building protective areas around all wells and springs as well as sustaining water supply by increasing production storage and connections between existing networks.


Although most of the country’s population is able to rid its wastewater into sewers, it remains a fact that about 12 million people or 18% of the total population use home provided sanitation systems such as septic tanks. It has been noted that out of a total of 41 million residents of rural areas, about half are connected to a sewer system. This means that just over 10 million people need to be connected while, for various reasons, it has not been possible to connect another 9.6 million.

Prayers for Open Doors, and Open Heaven

Aggressively pray the doors of heaven open for divine favors, prosperity, peace, health, business success and good relationships. Pray the flood gates of heaven open and experience open doors and divine victories. As it rains, the land will yield her increase for your turnaround, break open, breakout and breakthrough. Declare these anointed prayer points when heaven seem to be brass and the land of productivity is iron.

God is not a God of failure. The Lord causes us always to triumph in Christ Jesus. Therefore, every certified child of God should experience open heaven and open doors engineered by these prayer points:

1. Lord. open the doors of heavenly blessings and breakthrough upon my life, ministry, business, profession, health, income, and relationships. In the name of Jesus Christ.

2. I cut off by Holy Ghost fire, every satanic forces, demonic blockage, remote control, gadgets, and monitoring devices, militating against my open doors. No man or devil can shut the open doors before me and open heaven over my life, in Jesus Name.

3. I decree, declare, proclaim that the doors of heavenly treasures are open permanently to me in Jesus Name. I claim perpetual open heaven over my life, my family, my ministry,workplace and everything I do.

4. Lord, open the flood gates of heaven and rain avalanche of blessing upon me as angels ascend and descend unto me, in Jesus Name.

5. In the name of Jesus Christ, I seal all back doors and windows that give the enemy access into my blessings or divine treasures.

6. I cancel, reverse, neutralize, veto and counter any demonic decrees, spells, ordinances, enchantment, plans, ploy, plot and pronouncements against my open doors. I declare and decree that my open door blessings, divine favors, and open heaven remain permanent in Jesus Name.

7. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command every demonic door or doorway designed to cart away my blessings to burn to ashes by Holy Ghost fire.

8. Lord, because of your open door blessing over my life, bypass policies, politics, protocols, procedures, process and routines to favor me in Jesus Name.

9. I decree, declare, pronounce and proclaim that every closed doors of favor by the devil, familiar spirits, witchcraft and marine spirits be open by Holy Ghost fire, in Jesus Name.

10. I shatter, scatter and set ablaze by Holy Ghost fire, every satanic doors, brass doors, cursed ancestral doors, iron and limitation doors, closed against my progress and my family, in Jesus Name.

11. I consume by Holy Ghost fire all roadblocks, barricades, hindrances, chains, iron bars, and padlock at the entrance of my open door, in the might name of Jesus Christ.

12. I walk through destiny-promotion open doors designed by the Holy Ghost and seal by fire any cursed demonic door, In Jesus Name.

13. By the Holy Ghost, I station guard angels and warrior angels of fire to man my open doors and divine favors, in Jesus mighty Name.

14. Let the angelic watchers, prosperity and worshipping angels guard and guide my open doors continuously. In Jesus Name.

15. Lord, open wide all doors you have ordained and close permanently all hell’s doors. And let me discern the difference, in Jesus Name.

16. By Holy Ghost fire, I burn to ashes, all demonic thrones, authorities and dominions sitting at the door of my blessings, in Jesus name.

17. Lord, open the doors of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus and set me from the door of the shadow of death. In Jesus Name.

18. By the Holy Ghost, I sprinkle the protective blood of Jesus Christ on every door posts of my house, office or workplace.

19. Lord Jesus Christ, I open the door of my heart to you and cut off the enemy’s access by Holy Ghost fire.

20. Lift your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of Glory shall come in.

21. Lord, I ask you to restore all that I have lost as a result of ignorance, witchcraft and closed doors by the enemy.

22. By Holy Ghost Fire, I make these declarations and offer these anointed prayers in the majestic name of Jesus Christ.

Because praise is the language of faith, begin to thank God for open doors, accelerated promotions, divine favors, dumb-founding miracles and breakthroughs.